How much do you eat out anyway?

I think that I quit eating out when I started watching Kitchen Nightmares.

I learned that when I make my own meals, I know exactly what goes into them. I like my vegetables and no added salt. I also like holding on to my cash.
Turns out, I’m not an oddity in the boomer demographic.


Eating out can get to be expensive.

According to figures that I could find, from QSR,  boomers are spending between $5100 and $6000 a year eating outside of the home.

It’s those 35-55 year old spending over $7400 a year dining outside of the house.
Yes, the older we get, the less likely we are to eat out after we’ve peeked around that 40 year old mark.

monks cafe
Do you think Jerry and the gang would still be eating here today?


I do enjoy eating out occasionally with my friends.
We are all there just to gab and gossip anyway. We’ve been doing this monthly for at least 15 years. People have come and gone from our group. Kids have grown up and moved on. We’ve gained weight, lost weight, gotten wrinkles and grey hair together. I actually enjoy this kind of eating out. It’s the dressing up to go at night and wait for my food that I don’t like as much.

The restaurant industry says that we boomers are all about getting in our three meals a day. We like our meat, potatoes and vegetables. We are more health conscious so we go easy on the salt, sugar etc. We are also budget-conscious. I mean, we are either retired or looking at retiring.

What’s your dining outlook?

Could you survive without a car?

I remember while growing up that very few families had more than one car.

True, this was an era of moms staying at home to cook, clean and raise us while dad drove to work. In my case, we lived in the suburbs of Chicago. Every day my mom would drive my dad to the train station in the morning and pick him up in the evening. Maybe it was because we were city people and use to public transportation or maybe it was because car ownership in the middle class was a new frontier.  We functioned fine with one car. We really didn’t know that we could have more than

Could you survive without a car?

I’ve since moved away from the big city and mow I live in a smaller city with not so great public transportation. I could easily walk to the local drug store if I had to. Walk to the grocery store though? It’s a bit over a mile away and the thought of walking home with groceries that far may not be a great one for me.

If I had to live with no car- I’d probably figure out a way to do so.

The fact is that 37% of us boomers  over 50 have 2 cars.*

Only 10% have no cars. They must live near great transportation or like to walk if you ask me.  25% of us car owners are driving Fords. I’ve never owned a Ford. Chevy’s are the second most popular car with 20%.

I did not see stats on how many boomers are driving Buicks- but, by looking around my town I can tell you that Buick’s are quite popular with the older locals.

The most popular foreign cars with boomers are Toyota’s. We are part of that crowd.


*AARP Survey Results

How much are you spending on groceries?

I never really stop to think of the exact amount of money that I actually spend on groceries.

I use to do the couponing thing but, one day I realized that the time that I was spending on running from store to store with a hand full of coupons was actually costing me money in gas and time. A lot of the time, I would end up spending more than I would have at the local warehouse club or at a grocery store like Aldi.


How much are you spending on groceries?

AARP did a survey of boomers asking how much is spent on groceries.

Check out these results:

  • 66% of us (over 50) spent $100 or more on groceries over the past week.
  • 19% of us spent $200 or more
  • 40% shopped at Walmart over the past week.
  • 1% shopped online for groceries in the past week.

In 2004 that 66% of us was 39.5% spending $100 or more. Curious since many of us had kids etc in the house with us.

I am pretty sure that we are spending more than $100 on groceries.

I have a grown son living at home who loves to cook and eat. I have four dogs as well. We don’t buy a lot of junk food. We really buy fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. These items tend to cost more than junk food items.

We also buy non food items- which I am sure you do too. The laundry detergent, soap, etc.

But, on the other hand, we rarely ever eat out or carry-out. We are eating our meals at home.