Five things I have learned about baby boomers

It’s like we are part of a secret club made up of the largest demographic around.


If you were born postwar, 1946 – 1964, then you know what I mean.

I us to think everyone was talking about our demographic until I found out that, as a baby boomer, my reality is the thought that everything is rotating around me. It is true that no other demographic has been talked about as much as ours but, consider this, we were brought into this world during an era that had not been paralleled.


We brought on the middle class, equal rights, major changes in technology and inventions such as air conditioning. We are living longer than our parents and doing it while we are taking on our parents and out children. No wonder why we believe that the world is rotating around us.

Five things I heave learned about baby boomers

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1.  With nearly 80 million of us, we do have some buying power.

So why does it seem as if the advertising and the malls are geared towards our children?

2. We are the ones who seem to always question everything.

It all started with the Viet Nam draft. Look where questioning wars got us.

3. We love to spend our money.

That could have something to do with our depression era parents saving their money just in case the depression ever returned. This meant that we had few cool things growing up and possibly inherited a bit of cash to blow.

4. We are the caregivers.

We are taking care of that aging ‘greatest generation’ as they age past their parents’ as well as our children as they live at home longer than ever before.

 5. We’ve witnessed more society-changing events than any other generation before us.

Think about it. The list is long. In our lifetimes we’ve seen;

  • the first television
  • the civil rights movement
  • the first man walking on the moon
  • equal rights
  • war/peace
  • the growth of the middle class and suburbia
  • cell phones
  • the internet


You have to wonder what else we will learn about ourselves.