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National Work from Home Week

Are you one of the many boomers who are working from home?

National Work from Home Week

Interesting statistics from the census bureau.

Working at Home is on the Rise
Advanced in communication and information technologies have allowed for a more mobile workforce.
This is reflected in a growing number of people working from home. Census Bureau surveys tell us who’s
working at home.

  • In 2010, 13.4 million people worked at least one day at home per week – an increase of over 4 million
    people (35 percent) in the last decade.
    9.2 million out of 132 million workers
    13.4 million out of 142 million workers
    Source: Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP)
  • 4.2 million increase in home-based workers between 1997 and 2010
    Source: SIPP
    Home-based workers are:
    More likely in the private sector
    Of home-based workers, 39.4 percent were private company workers in 1980 compared to 59.5 percent
    in 2010. Home-based workers were the least likely to be government employees in both 1980 (4.2
    percent) and 2010 (5.6 percent).
    Source: 1980, 1990, and 2000 Decennial Census and 2010 American Community Survey (ACS)
    More likely to be in management and business
    The responsibilities and tasks associated with management and business translate well to home-based
    1 in 4
    Number of home-based workers employed in management, business, and financial occupations
    Source: 2010 ACS
    Growing quickly in computer, engineering, and science occupations
    Home-based work in computer, engineering, and science occupations increased 69 percent from
    252,000 workers in 2000 to 432,000 workers in 2010.
    Source: 2010 ACS and 2000 Decennial Census

    Defined as
    Home-based worker: a personal who works exclusively or part of the time from home
    home worker: a person who works exclusively from home
    mixed worker: a person who works at both home and at the job site
    Home Worker + Mixed Worker = Home-based worker
    More likely to be working from home on Monday or Friday
    Thursday is the least likely day to work from home
    Monday 38 %
    Tuesday 33 %
    Wednesday 33 %
    Thursday 29 %
    Friday 38 %
    Source: SIPP
    More Likely to live in the West
    Businesses in the West are more likely to allow working from home.
    Western states include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New
    Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
    Source: 2010 American Community Survey
    Boulder, CO highest percent of home-based workers in the U.S. at 10.9%