Happy Birthday Woodstock?

Happy Birthday Woodstock?

Happy Birthday Woodstock?

This week marks the 45th anniversary of Woodstock.
Did you notice?

The event, originally marketed as a ‘Music and Art” fair, took place in 1969. In case you forgot.
We know hot the three day event actually turned out.

Around 500,000 people showed up despite only selling 186,00 tickets in advance.
There were problems from the start from heavy rains just before to the event to less than stellar numbers of facilities and first aid for the concert goers.

A ticket for the three day event were $18 in advance and $24 at the gate.
Thanks to inflation, that’s about $118.16-$157.55 today- still a bargain for three days.

Creedence Clearwater Revival was the first act to sign.
They were paid $10000. That would be about $65,647.60 today- a really low fee today as you can imagine.
Jimi Hendrix was the last to perform, despite a rain delay.
The crowd was relatively small by this time. Oddly enough, it was probably this performance that is best remembered with this event.

Everything about this event was groundbreaking.

Today there would be multitudes of permits, people, precautions, lawyers, caterers, police, and so much more to put on an event like this one. Woodstock was the first of it’s kind, kind of naive in many ways. Concert goers were more about escaping the stress of the war and parents striving to give them a better life than they had.

Could an event like this one take place today?

Probably not. Commercialism and making a buck have grown exponentially since then. You would have all kind of money making ways to get your money- enough to make you not relax so much. Modern marketing methods and ideas would probably defeat the whole anti-establishment ideology of the original event. There is an unpopular war now just as there was then. We just don’t seem as focused on it as we were then- probably just accepting that wars will happen no matter how wrong they may be.

And quite frankly, we are more interested in our retirement and the effects of old age than we are in spending three days in a dream.

Where were you 45 years ago on this memorable weekend?


5 Things In Your Closet That Scream BOOMER

By the time you hit 50 years of age,  you’ve seen it all, lived through it all, and worn it all.

We’ve seen things come and go so many times that we just hold on to them to save the trip to the store on the next return. Why risk paying more for something that may not be made as well- right?


On the other hand, there are some clothing trends that we can live without revisiting in the future. These are the items that we gladly hand on down to our children so they can call them ‘vintage’. For some reason, anything ‘vintage’ is always in style.

There are something we won’t ever get rid of and, usually it’s for a good reason. So we keep these things in our closet- often hidden in a box or stowed behind something else.


 5 Things In Your Closet That Scream BOOMER

Admit it, you possibly have one of these….

1. The jeans that fit, or once fit.

We grew up in an era where you owned one, maybe two, kinds of denim jeans. You just wore them. There was no push to update the cut or style of our jeans on a back-to-school yearly basis. And besides, why waste money on new jeans that may not even fit as well? So, we just hold on to what has worked because that is what we know.

2. The fanny pack.

These handy items made so much sense that we wore them everywhere. Then one day some generation x kids started to make fun of them so we had to quit wearing them. Fanny packs make so much sense that we just like to have them around just in case.

3. The first revival of something.

You know how fashion tends to repeat itself. We got rid of whatever it was the first time it went out of style. Then, when it came back the second time we realized that it cost a lot more than the first time we bought it and that there was really nothing wrong with it in the first place. So, we save it for the third and fourth revivals.


4. Concert Tee Shirt

Younger generations just don’t get how important those concerts were to us while we were growing up. We were young and independent when we went to a concert for $10 a ticket to see our favorite groups perform. If it was an outdoor concert, we felt a bit of Woodstock tingle our skin. All we have left now of course is the t shirt that we brought home with us.

5. Things to help us think we are younger than we really are.

We do this to keep the illusion fresh in our minds. These things include shoe inserts, spanx-like items and and cover-ups such as big shirts. We wear the cover-ups to hide our bellies or whatever else needs covering. If we aren’t looking at or feeling the pains of aging  then they must really not be there. Right?


Are you screaming?