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Why I spam-checked your message you mean….

I am getting too old for this stuff!

I have become more and more frustrated with the liberties taken with email.

Remember the days when the term “spam’ was reserved for the sales of items you would never want anyone to know you were buying or from foreign money scammers?
Those folks seem to be long-gone now and have been replaced by senders who otherwise appear to be legit.

Why is it that you cannot buy anything online without having to give out your email address?
Logically, yes, the retailer needs your email address to keep you updated on your purchase but, to take that email address and sabotage your inbox with more than several emails per day becomes frustrating. The emails that you really do want to read become lost in a sea of these advertisements.

The emails keep coming in….

Up to several a day and sometimes the will double send some emails just in case I missed the first one.

The ‘wise’ people out there will tell you to just unsubscribe.

That is easier said then done.
I have senders who want you to sign in and actually create an account to unsubscribe. Totally not getting it…
I attempted to unsubscribe to the barrage of Dell emails over the holidays and I was told that the unsubscribing would take place in a few to to up to a week.

My solution…
I have started to flag them as spam.
The more that we flag them as spam, the less we will see in our legitimate boxes. Sometimes, Google will also unsubscribe me when they move it to spam.

Why I spam-checked your message you mean….

I just spam checked one email when I saw one email teaser “why I deleted my Facebook”.
My reply, why I flagged your email as spam.

By the way, how many emails do we need to get “why I deleted my Facebook”?
Nobody cares. You’ll most likely be back anyway.